Forging Screw Press (Up Stroke)

Grewal Forging Screw Presses are specially designed to make bolt-heads of any kinds of Bolts,Nuts, Rivets, Spikes, Motor parts, Half Shaft Axle, Engine Valves, Brass Parts, Cold bending jobs etc. These presses are friction drive Screw Presses on which the forging blows are applied in an upward direction. The main frame of the machine is of cast iron with tested hardness and generous proportions and is supported by necessary ribs.

The main spindle -carrying the friction discs runs on roller bearings fixed in brackets and bolted on the frame. Between,the brackets friction discs are mounted which drive the friction wheel. Thus imparting motion to a alloy steel screw fixed with keys and bronze nut to it. The screw nut is secured to the top cross head of frame -type ram. This ram moves axially upward when the screw which 'has no liner movement rotates. The bottom forging die is carried on the lower cross head of the ram while the top die is secured to a fixed bridge in the machine frame.

This bridge simultaneously locates the lower bearing (the screw pressure bearing). Due to these design principle. the forging forces do not act on the machine frame but are entirely sustained by the ram. The machine frame resists the low torsional forces generated by screw nut and flywheel. An ejector to bring out the pieces is provided at lower part of the ram. We can provide pneumatic , control system and Sliping Clutch at extra cost in which the flywheel is connected to the screw through spring loaded slipping clutch. Incase of over loading the clutch slips. thus avoiding costly breakdown on the press.


  • The cost of machine is low compared to other makes and foundation expense is also minimum.
  • Dies of forging have long life due to high accuracy of the machine.
  • The cost of development , manufacturing and replacement of dies are much low.
  • Great forging accuracy is achieved because of the free stroke.
  • Additional energy can be applied to the same die impression by making several blows.
  • The heat contact time is considerably less than the crank type forging presses and knuckle joint type presses.
  • Cost of repair after years of hard usage is low. A semi skilled worker can operate the machine easily.



Capacity in Numbers

Capacity in Tons Dia of Screw mm/inch Stroke Lenght mm/inch Max Length of job mm/inch Max Dia of Job mm/inch Side Table mm/inch Stroke per Minutes Total Height H.P. Reqd./R.P.M. Wt. in Kg. Apprx.
GFP-50 3 50 80 /3.25 300 /12 200 /8 12 /.50 215 /8.50 50 7' - 6" 5 /1440 1800
GFP-100 2 100 110 /4.25 400 /16 300 /12 19 /.75 240 /9.50 40 8' - 8" 7.5 /1440 3000
GFP-150 1 150 130 /5.25 460 /18 400 /16 31 /1.25 265 /10.50 30 10' 10 /1440 4000
GFP-250 0 250 150 /6 635 /25 510 /20 44 /1.75 290 /11.50 25 12' 20 /1440 6500
GFP-350 00 350 180 /7 760 /30 610 /24 56/ 2.25 320 /12.50 20 12' - 9" 30 /1440 10,000


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