Grewal Industries (Regd.) manufactures range of power presses. Forging Screw Presses & Friction Screw Presses in steel fabricated frame in different designs and standard as well as special executions as required by the customer. The company was established in 1973 by  Mr. Pritam Singh Grewal & Daljit Singh offers all kind of power presses. 

we are technically very strong, have vast experience in all kinds of power press such as forging Screw Presses (up stoke) Friction Screw Press (down Stroke), Steel fabricated frame, high speed presses, geared power presses, ungeared power presses, adjustable speed power presses, fixed stroke type, H type, inclinable, non inclinable type, mechanical, pneumatic presses, mechanical shearing machines are manufactured in all capacities.


We are pioneer in this line of manufacturing quality products and our products commands country wide market due to best quality. The quality of every part fitted in the machine is thoroughly checked by experienced and qualified technicians. The complete manufactured machine is individually checked and passed after a successful trial.

Grewal Industries (Regd.)
shall achieve Total customer satisfaction by providing quality products on continuous improvement basis, under reasonable cost & within agreed time frame.


  • All the resources required to meet the customer's requirements are made available.
  • All the facilities and manpower been provided accordingly.
  • The production process is well established based upon 30 years experience.
  • The standards of acceptability have been well defined in the form of Inspection & test  Plan for all stages.
  • Any change in the organisation is planned in a manner that the working of the quality management system is not affected during this change.
  • All the processes, planning & programs shall be monitored through the MRM at the defined intervals.



Our objective is to be a lean organization that drives revenue through greater exports and higher value added products and profits through sustained cost reduction. We will increase revenues and decrease costs through even greater emphasis on Technologies and by leveraging our strengths in design and technology to considerably compress development time and create the best ‘Speed to Market’ standard in the industry.
The company emphasizes on three key themes that form the cornerstone of the company’s growth strategy :

  • We will strictly adhere to the delivery schedule  given by the customers.
  • We shall try to reduce the breakdown time.
  • We will try to reduce in-process rejections, rework and wastages at all stages.

These quality objectives are measurable i.e. we can measure the reduction in rejections, rework, wastage, breakdown time, un-planned down time, optimum utilization of the available resources and timely delivery to the customers. The quantification of objectives are discussed during the Management Review meetings.


The Plant has all the facilities for normalizing, annealing and heat treatment and also is fully equipped with all testing facilities for physical, chemical and ultrasonic testing. Each of the Product undergoes rigid testing and inspection at various stages from raw material to finished products.